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Each teacher will adopt the following practices to support each child's early learning experiences:
  • Slowing down and recognizing everyday activities as the richest learning opportunities: taking time to talk with and listen to children while playing, eating, and transitioning through daily routines
  • Observing and celebrating the daily growth and development of every child, every day
  • Giving children daily opportunities to express themselves in many creative ways, including art, music, and dance
  • Reading to children every day and being a role model for a lifelong love of reading
  • Looking for opportunities to point out and share concepts like shapes, colors, numbers, and letters in real and meaningful ways as part of everyday life
  • Supporting each child’s physical health and development by allowing many daily choices of active large motor play (running, jumping, climbing, dancing)
  • Honoring and defending every child’s right to rich, creative, supported, open-ended play, enriched by loving adults.
  • A focused time for Bible lessons will be offered each week in Chapel and a music class full of activity and movement will also be a part of our weekly schedule. Outside/inside large motor play will be offered daily as well.


Calvary Preschool Express is proud to say that we have an Open Door Policy and believe that this is a partnership with our main objective to do the best for your child. Parents will receive monthly calendars that include both preschool and classroom events, weekly emails from the Director with reminders, as well as daily reports of your child's behavior and special events that took place during the day. The director, Lee Cochran, will do her best to greet parents/children each morning and will always be available for those last minute questions. Please feel free to email Lee via the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page, or call 615-896-2626.